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Alex Rowley

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I'm Alex Rowley, designer and magician based in Birmingham, UK

Great Design has always been a guiding force in my life. Whether it’s in running businesses, performing on stage, writing creative non-fiction, helping brands build an online presence or developing and designing websites from the ground up!

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What We Can Do Together

The principles that make great design work are at play across all of my (admittedly varied) practices. They’re also at the core of everything I do, and make up powerful forces that can help you:

Designing Engaging Websites

Building Strong Brands

Crafting Branding Strategies

Empowering New & Small Businesses

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My Services

The ultimate goal for everything I do is EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT.

Emotional Engagement lies at the heart of all good business, and more importantly, at the heart of all good human connection.

We are guided by how we feel about this human connection, and that’s the best definition of brand: It’s what our gut feelings say about a particular service, product, company or person.

To successfully make an impact on your client’s gut feelings, you must be able to engage them on a deep and meaningful level. It’s only when they feel this connection with you that they will be willing to invest their hard-earned money and limited time in you. This is what creating digital magic at Alhexery is all about, and I do this through:

Website Design

Your website is your gateway to your potential clients. With a strong,well-developed brand and a high-converting webpage, you can take potential leads down your sales funnel and transform them into loyal customers for life.

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Effective Branding

Your Brand is what defines you to your customers, clients and potential leads. It’s much more than just a logo - it is a person’s perception of your product, service, experience, or organization and it's how they remember you!

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Social Media

The easiest and most common way people will engage with you is through social media - but you must put the 'social' into social media - you need to use it smartly and build human connections on there before you start selling.

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Video Development

Videos of all sorts - talking heads, live events, animations etc. - are the best and fastest way to engage on the internet. I’ve been working in this field for well over a decade, and my videos get thousands of clients.

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Creative Services

Running a business can create stress and pressure on you that inhibits your ability to be creative -
I can help you by coaching your creative skills and developing your own creative strategies!

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Business Support

I'm here to help you develop your business and make it as eye-catching, attention-grabbing, high-converting and as emotionally engaging as possible. Whatever ideas you have, I can help you!

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For New Coaches

Over the past 15-years, I have worked closely with coaches, therapists, trainers, teachers, mentors and those who have dedicated their lives to helping others. This is a truly unique privilege and a lot of my work is currently focused on helping newly qualified coaches to develop their websites, brands and businesses.

Special Prices Available For New Coaches

For Small Business

I have setup and run many small businesses since the age of 12-years-old. It's a tough time to be an entrepeneur, but it's an incredibly inspiring, honorable and necessary task. I love supporting small businesses, anything from coffee houses, wedding fayre organisers and authors to hip-hop artists and technology start-ups.

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I love what I do. I'm dedicated and passionate about design, branding, social media, creativity and helping to empower businesses. You can see what some of my happy clients have to say about me and my services below:

I Love What I Do

My Portfolio

Who Am I

My Background

I'm Alex Rowley, and I'm a web developer, brand advisor, designer, creative director, writer, magician and all round geek!

My Technical Background

  • Creating Websites for 15 Years
  • Designing Brands for 10 Years
  • Running Businesses for 10 Years
  • Delivering Talks for 10 Years
  • Creative Writing for 5 Years
  • Offering Services for 5 Years
  • Performing Magic for 20 Years

I began designing websites and creating brand identities at my father's company in the late 2000's. It was like uncovering lightning in a bottle! I suddenly found I had the ability to realize what I could see in my mind through coding, digital design and rapid prototyping! I expanded quickly into using these skills to create engaging presentations and unique, exciting videos.

This lead quickly into working on large projects for the British National Health Service and many charities and organizations like Birmingham's South & City College.

I've been fascinated with magic since I was 11-years-old when my father performed a simple trick and explained it clearly to me. The revelation that I, as a shy young teenager who struggled to make friends and speak to people, could perform these impossibilities led to a lifelong love of performance, theater and mystery.

I also adore stories, storytelling, reading, writing, films and the psychology behind how and why they all work and engage us on a deep, emotional and meaningful level.

My slightly odd mix of self-taught skills and unique background always gave me a different perspective on the world, but it also meant I've often suffered with depression, social anxiety and severe imposter syndrome.

I am a firm believer in the power of human potential, however, and I see now that my mental health experiences are not setbacks or obstacles, but tools that give me a different way of seeing and the ability to connect with others, to understand where they're coming from and to help them along their own journey.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and learn about my services! You can download some brochures and portfolios using the buttons below, and use the contact form to get in touch with me and see how we can work together!

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